The eStudio Editions website includes accessibility features for people with disabilities. We hope our website is user friendly for all our visitors.

Our accessibility features include:

Skip to content link

There is a hidden skip to content link on the top of every web page. This is so people using screen readers can jump past the navigation and straight to the content below. Screen readers will pick up on this link.

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Adjustable text size and high contrast text colour

We have taken into consideration visitors with a variety of vision impairments. By clicking the A+ and A- links at the top of each web page, visitors can increase or decrease text size. Size increases or decreases with each click.

We have also used high contrast text colours for easy reading.

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Descriptive content: text, links, alternative text tags

All of our content is descriptive so visitors with screen readers know exactly where they are, and where a link will take them.

We have also included alternative tags (alt tags or text equivalents) for all images. Visitors who cannot view an image will know what it is.

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HTML based content

Our content and navigation is HTML based. This means our website works independently of JavaScript code, and is friendlier for people using screen readers.

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HTML transcripts for multimedia

We have included HTML transcripts for videos on this website. These pages open in a separate window so visitors may view the transcript and video together.

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Mouse-free tab navigation

Visitors who find it difficult to use a mouse can navigate our website with the tab key. Most browsers support tab navigation.


  • Pressing tab moves through navigation and links on a website
  • Shift + tab moves in reverse
  • Press Enter to click on a link or submit a form

Instructions for drop downs, tick boxes and radio buttons:

  • Drop downs: use Shift key + arrow keys to scroll up and down
  • Tick boxes and radio buttons: use the space key to select

Instructions for Firefox (MAC) users:

  • In the Firefox web browser, choose System Preferences
  • Choose Keyboard & Mouse
  • Choose Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Look for Full keyboard access and choose ‘All Controls’

Instructions for Safari users:

  • In the web browser go to Safari
  • Choose Preferences
  • In Preferences, choose Advanced
  • Tick the box: ‘Press tab to highlight each item on a page'

Instructions for Opera users:

  • ‘A’ key - tabs forwards
  • 'Q’ key - tabs in reverse

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Access key shortcuts for main navigation

For visitors who use tab navigation, we have included shortcuts for main navigational areas.

Browsers and operating systems:

Keystroke combinations work for the following browsers and operating systems:

  • Internet Explorer (Windows and MAC)
  • Firefox (Windows and MAC)
  • Safari (MAC)

Keystroke combinations:

  • Internet Explorer (Windows): Alt + access key + Enter
  • Firefox (Windows): Shift + alt + access key
  • Firefox (MAC): Control + access key
  • Safari (MAC): Control + alt + access key

Access keys:

  • Press 0 – Search field
  • Press 1 - Home
  • Press 2 - Gallery shop
  • Press 3 - About us
  • Press 4 - Master printmaking
  • Press 5 - Artist testimonials
  • Press 6 - FAQ
  • Press 7 - Contact us
  • Additionally - press 8 to close enlarged print images in the gallery shop

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